More About Us

As a little girl I can remember always wanting to help people. Not much has changed from that "drive" except I have gotten a few gray hairs! My family & I have moved 13 times - a few were military moves but the majority were corporate.

With all of our moves I have touched Real Estate starting out with working for a Custom Home Builder who taught me everything from learning how to survey a property insulating drywalling and all the way to trim work! So yep - I know how to do some construction work. From there I continued my career working for other Custom Home Builders Commercial & Industrial Property Developers where I managed residential commercial and industrial properties.

Helping people is my passion especially those in the military. Looking back on the majority of our moves it's easy to see where we were just a transaction and not a relationship. When I set up my Real Estate practice - I decided I wanted to be the change and jumped right into it full-time with the intention of developing relationships with my clients not just making it about the transaction. I consider it a privilege to help someone.

I know I have achieved my goal of building lasting relationships when I am invited to house warming parties weddings baptisms birthdays and sadly passings too. My heart is full when I think about the different people that have touched my life and how I have been able to learn something from each of them.